Baby Naming

Having a new addition to your family can be overwhelming during the first few months. But, eventually, everything settles down, your ‘baby brain’ subsides a bit and there emerges a small window through which to view the prospect of officially welcoming your little one into their family.

Just a couple ‘snags’ to overcome – the majority of your family members have no religious affiliations whatsoever and, even if they did have, your bundle of joy has long ago grown out of the treasured family christening robe that has been handed down for generations.

Whether you view a naming ceremony as a secular alternative to a religious service, as a compromise that will keep everyone happy or as an excuse to have a good old-fashioned family party with a ceremony at its heart, there are no restrictions on what it can consist of.

We all have an eclectic mix of personalities within our family and it seems to me that a tailor-made ceremony that includes and indeed, embraces all the quirks and eccentricities of your various family members, could just be the perfect way to celebrate your baby’s immersion into it. So if Cousin Simon writes awful songs on the keyboard – why not let him sing one in tribute. If Great Aunt Ethel plays the spoons, encourage her to do so. If your Grandmother goes to church every Sunday and would like to sing a hymn and say a prayer – that’s fine.

What I am trying to say is that a naming ceremony will allow you to officially welcome your child into their family in whatever way YOU feel is right and appropriate. It can be a completely serious, ritualistic event or a mix of fun and ceremony or frankly, just fun. Whatever you decide, by working together, we can create an event that is Unique2u