Debbie Caron

About Me

My name is Debbie Caron.

I am the mother of two grown children and proud grandmother of one. I live in Staplehurst with my partner who has four grown children and is grandfather to one.

Family life and family values are very important to me which is why all my ceremonies are very family orientated.

Debbie Caron

So Much to Think About. So Little Time. That’s Where I come In.

Up until the end of 2018, I was Director of Drama at a leading Independent Girl’s School, and my experience of drama and of directing theatre productions has transferred naturally into my life as a Celebrant. As a theatre director, you are required to pull together the various production values in order to create a unified artistic vision. As a Celebrant, you are required to pull together the various threads of a person’s life in order to create a unified service that is a true, and recognisable, reflection of who they were.

My previous career allowed me the opportunity to write. I love writing – I have written stage adaptations of Wuthering Heights, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Lord of the Flies (changing the characters to girls) and A Little Princess. I updated the 18th century School For Scandal for the digital generation and wrote a whole new show for the Edinburgh Fringe, based on the notorious murderer, Enriqueta Marti.

Adapting novels or writing about people who actually lived, requires you to research, through reading and listening, and then to edit those facts into a coherent and entertaining document that, when performed, brings the characters alive on the stage – telling their story verbally, physically and visually. As a Celebrant, you are also, fundamentally, a storyteller – you listen to the various facts, memories and stories surrounding a person’s life and weave them together, so that you can ‘tell their story’ and bring them alive again in the space, for that short final time.

My aim will always be to create a ‘service’ that truly reflects the person you loved – who they were, how they lived, what they represented, their impact and what they meant to the people gathering to say goodbye. A service that is Unique to them and Unique2u.